Aviex Technologies, LLC was founded
to develop a novel, rapid response vaccine platform for infectious diseases.

Advantages and Benefits
of the new platform vaccine delivery system:

About Us

Aviex Technologies LLC (Aviex) is an infectious disease vaccine development company using the enhanced Salmonella YS1646 vector. The company has undertaken the development of three high value vaccines relating to diseases that take a high toll in human suffering often causing disability or death

The three primary examples in which Aviex seeks to demonstrate its platform technology are C. difficile, a bacterial disease of the gut initially limited to hospitals and now spreading throughout the general population. At present there is no effective vaccine to prevent C. difficile. The second vaccine example is an oral parasitic vaccine for Schistosoma mansoni; and next is an oral vaccine for Cryptosporidium parvum for both human and animal health.

The Aviex platform technology, which utilizes the enhanced YS1646 vector, has an unlimited potential to address other debilitating and deadly human and animal diseases. The Company also has the potential to develop humanitarian vaccines against parasitic diseases which affect in excess of two billion individuals worldwide.

The Company is lead by American entrepreneur Joel B. Grae, who has assembled first rate scientific, medical and managerial teams.