Aviex Technologies LLC was founded
to develop a novel vaccine platform delivery technology for infectious diseases.

Product Pipeline

AVIEX - AV-0210W: CLOSTRIDIUM difficile (C. difficile) VACCINE

Aviex selected the bacterium C. difficile as the initial vaccine candidate for its enhanced YS1646 vaccine platform delivery technology. The YS1646-based multi-modality vaccines targeting either CdTA or CdTB can rapidly achieve protection in a mouse model of lethal C. difficile infection. Protective patient immunity is induced in a substantially shorter period of time than other candidate vaccines have demonstrated.

  • There are no effective licensed vaccines on the market.
  • C.difficile infects the intestinal mucosa resulting in inflammation and cellular damage to the colon, leading to potentially severe complications, including enterocolitis with toxic megacolon, and possible death.
  • An estimated 500,000 cases are diagnosed in the U.S. annually, resulting in more than 29,000 deaths yearly.
  • This Infection is hospital-associated and most often occurs in people with prolonged antibiotic use.
  • The infection has an estimated 10 to 60 percent recurrence, depending on the patient`s risk factors.
  • Treatment of C. difficile infection (CDI) results in an estimated annual cost to the US healthcare system of approximately $4.8 billion, and is increasing.

AVIEX - AV-0212W: SCHISTOSOMA mansoni (S.mansoni) VACCINE

This is a major public health threat in many parts of the world. S. mansoni is a life threatening disease of the gut caused by a flat worm parasite. It is only exceeded by malaria as a parasitic pathogen affecting humans. Although some anti-parasiticals are an effective treatment, resistance is increasing. There are an estimated 700 million people on three continents at risk for this devastating disease. There is no commercial vaccine for any human schistosome. The disease affects low and middle income countries, and over 250,000,000 individuals are already infected. Early data generated with the Aviex S.mansoni prophylactic candidate have exceeded expectations and demonstrated a significant reduction of egg and worm burden; when the vaccine is administered using the multi-modality regimen.


This global pathogen causes severe and prolonged diarrhea in healthy people, and has a high mortality rate in people with weakened immune systems (i.e. HIV). Both humans and animals are affected by the disease, and it causes life-long stunting when it infects young children. It is anticipated that POC will be achieved in 2020.